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Watering Systems

Winter Watering Systems – We carry a range of troughs to accomodate your livestock watering needs in our tough Prairie winter climate.


Pasture Pipeline Installation – If you are interested in getting water plumbed in to different locations in your pastures, look no further, as we are now able to install underground pipeline with our new plough. Call for booking, pricing, and more details. For more info click here.


Solar Pumping Systems –
Northfork is a dealer for Kelln Solar pumping systems

We have systems for any remote water project

Floating pumps for dugouts and waterways

Submersible pumps for shallow and deep wells

Pressure systems to operate with pipelines

Winter systems with motion detectors or insulated troughs

Mobile troughs for both summer and winter

Water Troughs Construction tire troughs 250 & 500 gal

Forsyth 400 gal plastic

Assorted platic troughs from 40 to 300 gal

Automatic waterers in stock and ready to go

Miraco waterers, many options for cattle, sheep, horses and pigs




Hardware – From float valves to pill switches, solar panels and replacement parts, contact us for all your watering system hardware needs.