Gallagher MB1000 Energizer AC/DC G301504

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This Energizer powers up to 100 miles or 600 acres of clean fence.The MB1000 is a dual purpose energizer which means you have the option of powering as a 110v plug-in directly out of the box, or as a battery/solar (solar panel sold separately).

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Clean Fence: 100 miles / 600 acres​
Typical Fence:​ 34 miles​ / 250 acres
12 Stored Joules
UL Approved

Power your fence, your way –110 orbattery/solar. Energizer comes complete with a110vand battery lead set for all power source options (battery and solar panel sold separately for battery and solar powered solutions)

  • Green indicator light shows when energizer is working satisfactorily
  • Red indicator light flashes when energizer has detected a fence fault. Solid red when there is a sudden increase in fence load
  • Split bolt recessed terminals with wire guide for simple and clean wire installation
  • Surface mount technology that delivers superior quality
  • On board intelligence to manage your fence system
  • Advanced lightning protection
  • Three high voltage terminals forgroundand fence terminal connections
  • Solar Panels (sold separately) Inquire for more info
  • We also carry Interstate Marine batteries that can be used with solar system

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Weight 8.38 lbs
Dimensions 13.58 × 3.54 × 8.66 in


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